Concrete has been in use for centuries as an elemental building block, but only recently has it started to be seen as a refined finish. Concrete is truly a limitless material, without compromising the look and feel of the finished product. Concrete can fit any taste or desire -contemporary or traditional, organic or linear, smooth or textured.

If you are averse to conventional cookie cutter products and like durability, beauty, and organic form existing as one, then concrete is a natural extension of your unique taste. You realize that beautiful design doesn’t come from machine produced sameness, but rather organic materials and quality craftsmanship. These are the attributes that give every Derek Nielsen LLC piece their distinctive allure.

Derek Nielsen, LLC. can help you pour your ideas into a reality. The versatility of concrete allows us to create pieces with very few limitations. Derek Nielsen, LLC. can achieve innovative, custom designs that are impossible with conventional countertop and flooring materials.

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