Derek Nielsen, LLC. has been involved in many aspects of decorative concrete over the last five years and has gained considerable knowledge in the types of applications that are possible. Sometimes it just takes a discussion with someone to open up their minds about a product they see everyday. We can help you do that with concrete.

Derek Nielsen, LLC. offers consulting services to architects, builders and homeowners on your project during the planning stages or even during implementation. We help people understand the different applications of decorative concrete and hopefully work with them to implement these ideas. We do not do every type of decorative concrete and we understand that. When a service is needed that we do not provide ourselves, we can help you find the right contractor.

For the contractor who wants to bid larger projects, but do not feel they have the ability to produce a high quality product alone, Derek Nielsen, LLC. can send a qualified member of our crew or an entire crew to the site of your project and help assist you in achieving your goals.

So call us today and let us talk with you about all the opportunities that await with concrete!