Decorative Scored Concrete

Derek Nielsen LLC offers a wide variety of patterns for scored concrete. Scoring the concrete can be done for remodels or immediately after pouring of concrete. Please refer to the contractor info page for scheduling of scoring.

Scoring concrete is another method to transform what is normally mundane, to something of beauty. From standard two foot tiles on a forty five degree diagonal or intricate designs that would be very difficult with laid tile, all are possible with concrete scoring. Scoring can be done in conjunction with acid stain, dyes, integral color, color hardeners or just plain old concrete. Whenever scoring is included it dramatically changes the look.

We also provide scoring to those contractors, as well as DIYs who are interested in having decorative scoring incorporated within their project, but do not have the equipment or experience to tackle the task. Derek Nielsen LLC is open to any design and we are only limited by the imagination, so contact us and let's talk about your ideas.